Raghu Educational Institutions - 2015 Placements so far...
Counseling Code: RITV Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Welcome to Raghu Institute of Technology

Raghu Institute of Technology is established in 2007 by a group of eminent personalities in the field of engineering education, with a mission to foster an ideal education environment, offering scope for purposive training and providing opportunities for doing meaningful research.

The campus of Raghu Institute of Technology is located on a sprawling 10 acres of land at Dakamarri Village, Bhimunipatnam Mandal, Visakha patnam District (A.P.) in a tranquil atmosphere amidst gardens and greenery. The college has developed good infrastructure consisting of 1.75 lakh sq.ft. built-in area to house classrooms, laboratories, library, staff rooms, administrative office, hostels, etc.

Raghu Institute of Technology is an open global knowledge center with an expert academic network, practicing radical new approaches for providing students with practical skills necessary to become effective professionals and future leaders. The College gives utmost priority for student?s welfare and counseling. The students can come and knock the door for individual or small group attention.

Raghu Institute of Technology strives to train the students in technical education with moral values and discipline among the students, so that their future is blossomed with good culture. The Institute aims to chisel the students to be endowed with a perfect synthesis of human values, ancient wisdom and modern thoughts that will enable to build their career.

The mission statement of the Institute reads as:

To foster an ideal educational environment for purposive training and research to flourish in the domain of engineering courses and nature outstanding talent needed for leadership and applying technology for the betterment of the society


Sri Raghu Kalidindi, a renowned academician is of the conviction that education is not just a phase in one’s life but a life-long process. He believes education holds the key to society’s progress and prosperity. It is precisely this conviction which prompted him to passionately pursue and promote education par excellence. Under his able leadership, Raghu Engineering College, Raghu Institute of Technology and Raghu College of Pharmacy have emerged as leading institutions of higher learning and knowledge centers.


Smt. Rama Devi Kalidindi, an eminent educationalist, has been associated with the society right from the inception. She takes utmost care in developing all the educational institutions established by the Society.

Notice Board

List of students not reported to the college after Phase II allotment as on 26/07/2015 Under category-A

Admission into B.Tech 2nd year under Lateral Entry

Date: 30 Jun, 2015

Classes for B.Tech 2015-16 admitted batch students will commence from 2-7-2015 and timings are 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Students are advised to make use of the bus facility. For time being bus route and timings are as follows:

* From Steel Plant (0720 Hrs)
* From RTC Complex (0745 Hrs)
* From Srikakulam (0720 Hrs)
* From Vizianagaram (0800 Hrs)
* From Bhobbili (0700 Hrs)
* From Cheepurupalli (0720 Hrs);

Clarifications if any please contact: 09440326829, 08332871138



1 T Srilakshmi IT
2 Allada Srilatha IT
3 G Sravanth Kumar IT
4 N Ch P S S Sangeetha IT
5 N V P U Lavanya IT
6 P Krishnasanthi IT
7 V Saikamala IT
8 Nammi Prasanthi IT
9 P Uday Bhaskar IT
10 G R Vamsi Krishna EEE
11 Jyosthna Anitha Ch EEE
12 P Srinath EEE
13 Sagi Vinay Varma EEE
14 Sai Praneeth S EEE
15 E M Viveknadh EEE
16 M Sai Ch Sekhar EEE
17 R Bhavana EEE
18 Vamsi Verma S EEE
19 Akoju Neelima ECE
20 A Lavanya ECE
21 I Sreenu ECE
22 J V S S Naveen ECE
23 M Teja Raghu ECE
24 A Divya ECE
25 Sai Manoj G ECE
26 S Tarun Kumar ECE
27 S Sai Kiran ECE
28 S Suresh Kumar ECE
29 Sunkari Harika ECE
30 US Sai Prakash ECE
31 Vempada Pallavi ECE
32 PV Lakshmi Aliveni ECE
33 Yerra Aasish ECE
34 S Sobharani ECE
35 Varikuti Ramya ECE
36 Gouthami Tejeswi P CSE
37 K Jeevana CSE
38 Pedada Srujani CSE
39 R Suresh CSE
40 Y Sanjay CSE
41 N Lakshmi Lavanya CSE
42 P Priyanka CSE
43 S Shehanaaz CSE
44 P Udayasri CSE
45 V Mounika CSE
46 Jagadish P CSE
47 A Harika MECH
48 B John Praveen MECH
49 K Vijaya Dyuti MECH
50 K Kalyani Jyothi MECH
51 P Srinivas Dewar MECH
52 Pukkali Pawani MECH
53 RV Surya Tejaswini MECH
54 PS Abhinav MECH
55 A Lakshmi Bhavani MECH
56 K Suresh Kumar CIVIL
57 Chetana Shree Bag ECE
58 Naga Padma Priya A ECE
59 Ravindra B ECE
60 Seerapu Divya ECE
61 Sreelakshmi Dasari ECE
62 Raghu Vardhan P ECE
63 Venkatesh B ECE
64 Bhagyasree Annapurna M ECE
65 Sindhuja Kalaga ECE
66 Ankit Kumar Surana CSE
67 Padmini krishna N CSE
69 Ramya Padma P MECH
70 LakshmiPrasanna Mounika CIVIL
71 Sreenaga Sowjanya K IT

Tech-Mahindra : 2014-15 batch

1 Ankit Kumar S CSE
2 M Sai Kiran CSE
3 Palli Bhavani  CSE
4 Priyusha Sai V CSE
5 AN Padma Priya ECE
6 MA Bhagyasree ECE
7 B Sai Sasidhar ECE
8 Bokkisa Varsha  ECE
9 Ch Shree Bag ECE
10 Dhavala Harika  ECE
11 Grandhi  Dolly ECE
12 Sindhuja  Kalaga ECE
13 J Naresh Moorthy EEE
14 Konathala  Ajay EEE
15 Sai Rama Pranati D MECH
16 DSS Sandeep Kumar MECH
17 G Gopi Krishna MECH
18 Ishu  Tyagi MECH
19 Kalyan Swamy M MECH
20 P Sai Teja Varma MECH
21 S Sarat Kumar MECH
22 V Nithisha Chowdary MECH
23 Vara Samuel Sagar MECH
24 Bondada  Sripriya IT
25 J V Ch Vishwnadh IT
26 NSN Raghava IT
27 V Harshita  IT

TCS : 2014-15 batch

1 Arisetty Divya ECE
2 P Sunilkumar ECE
3 S Tarun Kumar ECE
4 V Raviteja CSE
5 Routhu Ramulu CSE
6 R V Surya Tejaswini MECH
7 Subrat Padhi MECH
8 M Vinod Kumar MECH
9 N Ch P S S Sangeetha IT
10 N V P U Lavanya IT
11 G Mahidhar Reddy EEE
12 Ishu Tyagi Mech
13 Bhagyasree A M ECE

Mphasis : 2014-15 batch

1 M Hasitha IT
2 Sivani Palo CSE
3 Mahavratayajula Ramya CSE
4 Shehanaaz Shaik CSE
5 Raviteja Vemulakonda CSE
6 Manasa Madenu CSE
7 Routhu Ramulu CSE
8 Monica Malu CSE
9 Ekta Sharma IT
10 Haritha Susurla IT
11 Jeevana Koduru CSE
12 P Raghu Vardhan ECE
13 Padmini Krishna N CSE
14 Ankit Kumar Surana CSE
15 Mangipudi Sai Kiran CSE
16 Sivani Palo CSE
17 Varun Kumar  Kanchu ECE
18 Bhargavi  Kanchu CSE
19 Koyya Madhav Reddy ECE
20 Manoj Kumar Vaddi ECE
21 Sunil Kumar  Pathivada ECE
22 J Venkatasatya Sai Manoj ECE
23 Sukanya  Varigala IT
24 Vasanthi  Meduri CSE
25 Deepthi  Emandi ECE
26 Harika  Sunkari ECE
27 R Trinadha Manikanta ECE
28 Ravindra  Bandaru ECE
29 Bhargavi Sri Satya S CSE
30 Chetana Shree Bag ECE
31 Naga Padma Priya  Akula ECE
32 Srihari  Kapu ECE
33 Chiriki Satish Kumar ECE
34 Reena  Ronanki CSE
35 Bheesetty  Venkatesh ECE
36 Sravani Venkata Naga S ECE