Counselling Code RITV

Members of anti ragging committee from faculty

Sl.No. Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr.S.Satyanarayana Principal Convenor
2 Dr.P.S.R.Chowdary Vice Principal Member
3 Mr.V.Srinivasa Rao HOD, H&S Co-Convenor
4 Dr.P.Vijay Kumar HOD, ME Member
5 Dr.G.Joga Rao HOD, EEE Member
6 Dr.P.S.R.Chowdary HOD, ECE Member
7 Dr.V.Sangeeta HOD, CSE Member
8 Mr.P.Madhusudhan HOD, CIVIL Member
9 Mr.M.N.Srinivas Physical Director Member
10 Mr.Anjani Kumar Mishra Boys Hostel Warden Member
11 Mr.P.S.N.Raju Transport Incharge Member

Students from second, third and fourth years are assigned as students anti ragging committee members

1 Titus viswanadh EEE 2nd A 7396954238
2 G A V Durgaprasad EEE 3rd A 9494947378
3 Rakesh EEE 4th A 7569222812
4 Akshay CSE 2nd A 8179995302
5 Akash CSE 2nd B 8977879809
6 Keereti CSE 3rd B 9440163954
7 Athreya CSE 3rd B 8106272493
8 Laxman CSE 4th A 7799148830
9 Charishma CSE 4th B 9581660412
10 N.Bhaskara rao ME 2nd A 8096578517
11 S.Murali ME 2nd B 7995376126
12 G.B.Datta Prakash ME 3rd A 8143983045
13 U.Aravind ME 3rd B 8885958160
14 R.Prudhvi ME 4th A 8885679284
15 D.Siva ME 4th B 9177482921
16 U.KarunDas CE 2nd A 9848089537
17 C.Baskhar CE 3rd A 8297696996
18 J.Kusuma CE 4th A 9154827629
19 Ravi Teja ECE 4th A 8500827897
20 Sampath ECE 4th B 8886199170
21 V.sai Chaitanya ECE 3rd A 7396242285
22 V.Sai Bharadwaj ECE 3rd B 9704207320
23 G.Raju ranjith varma ECE 3rd C 8897218726
24 Hanuman Sharma ECE 2nd A 9700090894
25 S.Sandeep ECE 2nd B 9866037320
26 Abhisarika ECE 2nd C 9704846099

The following Steps are to be taken by committee members in order to ensure safety of 1st year students

It has been resolved that the first year students will be escorted by two anti-ragging committee members to the canteen and labs. It has been resolved that two more members will be monitoring near the main gate in the morning and also in the evening. It has been resolved that the members of the student committee will bring any unforeseen ragging incidents that takes place on the campus, to the notice of the faculty anti ragging committee members. Posters regarding anti ragging along with committee members phone numbers will be displayed in the Canteen and all departments. There will be separate college timings with 30 min gap for first year students and senior students. All the committee members will be present near the buses in the evening till all the buses leave the campus.

The following members are appointed as Anti-Ragging Squad and the squad shall conduct raids in the campus periodically and submit a report to the principal from time to time.

Sl.No. Name of the Squad Designation E-Mail ID Mobile No
1 Dr.P.S.R.Chowdary Vice Principal 9177779081
2 Mr.V.Srinivasa Rao HOD , H&S --
3 Dr.P.Vijay Kumar HOD, ME 8500266917
4 Dr.G.Joga Rao HOD,EEE 9703910911
5 Dr.P.S.R.Chowdary HOD, ECE 9177779081
6 Dr.V.Sangeeta HOD, CSE 9848430171
7 Mr.P.Madhusudhan HOD , CIVIL 9515128097
8 Mr.M.N.Srinivas Physical Director 9705954123
9 Mr.V.Somasekhram Hostel Incharge -- 9642588825
10 Mr.P.S.N.Raju Transport Incharge -- 9440326829
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