Advanced Manufacturing Labs

Advanced Manufacturing Labs

Digital literacy is one of the skills a student must have in today’s time. Technicalskills can be used for students in many ways. Cad/cam are a huge program it embraces applications in many ways. So students can do make a many wonders like drafting, design, kinematics, analysis, proto models.

We are providing so many technologies for doing mini and main projects its very help for students like software, CNC machines, robotics etc.,

A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the mechanical engineering students. High end terminals supported by latest hardware and software, latest visual aids, plotting devices, etc.

At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D design of mechanical engineering drawings using the latest version of AUTOCAD, CATIA software. Student will learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modeling definition. Students    will also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for mechanical engineering discipline.


  • Number of systems : 120No’s
  • Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHz
  • Installed memory (RAM) : 4.00 GB
  • System type : 64-bit Operating System
  • Window edition : Window 7 Professional
  • Power backup : 20000 watts


  • CNC Turning Machine : 2 No’s
  • CNC Milling Machine: 2 No’s
  • Robotic Arm : 1No’s
  • 3D Printing M/C : 1No’s
  • Laser Cutting M/C : 1No’s


Students can use the AutoCAD software to complete the projects easy and fast way and in this method they learn many technical points to solve the problem with the zero error method.

AutoCAD is a computer-aided software drafting program. It is used for a number of applications like creating blueprints for vehicle chase, machine components to name a few. 3D models are rendered to assist in the visualization of the final product by using AutoCAD to draw accurate 2D drawings for any engineering domain.

Any changes in manually drafted paper drawings would require the draftsman to draw the drawing again. Since this involved a lot of effort, the draftsmen just scratched out the older details and drew new details, resulting loss of older details and also not-to-scale drawings. CAD has inbuilt tools that allow any number of revisions and changes easily and quickly. You can edit or delete details easily using simple user-friendly commands.           You can also save the previous versions of the file in case you wish to re-use them.

AutoCAD enables you to draw with fractional dimensions and also define precision to any number of decimal places, which is not possible to achieve in hand-drafted manual drawings, hence offering accuracy in all dimensions.

AutoCAD is useful to increase your productivity manifold also it comes with STEP & IGES files which can be useful or can be imported in any 3D modeling software’s.


Mechanical engineers equipped with CATIA 3D Modeling software will gain insight into key factors of quality and performance early in the product development process. Digital prototyping, coupled with digital analysis and simulation, enables product development teams to digitally build and test a mechanical product in its operating environment.

It is the most powerful toolin the world and by using these students they can reach Imagine Sketch like mechanical components, manufacturing parts etc.,Our students already developed a bike, buggy car, go kart design, etc.,

CATIA supports multiple stages of product development, including conceptualization, design, engineering and manufacturing. Students will have the opportunity to thoroughly research their production technology, manufacturing and materials lab’s experiments in this software and develop them in real time.

Collaborate across all disciplines to define a complete systems mechanical design through multiple operational, functional and component views. here multi-disciplinary option available, while developed a model can change a disciplinary according student model requirements, like part design to surface design and can shift assembly design also.


Ansys is an analysis programmer that simulates the effect of forces on the model or structure. Students will also learn how to come up with advanced ideas for fast solutions.

         Via ANSYS, students will have the opportunity to conduct dynamic analysis using their pre-existing knowledge of linear dynamics, spectrum response and spontaneous vibration with pre-stress.

         It is a good platform for students to show off their skills in doing research on the readable real time projects they have learned, as our students have proven in advance. Some projects have been done using it such as electric bike, go kart, electric Baja vehicle, which are made using software before making its performance and then brought into its development which in a way becomes a good practice for the students as well as increases the skill rigor of the thinking process.

          It helps to ensure that our students are capable of solving the real world challenges of the next generation of engineers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

          Students try to show the education they have learned in the form of a project. Software is very useful for them in this endeavor. The syllabus we have embedded in the program makes it easy for them to do small and main projects. The software we provide is used by students to develop the projects they want.

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