Research Facilities

Antenna Laboratory with Altair Feko modelling tool

  • Facility to model antenna and simulate its characteristics
  • Research work can be carried out in antenna and publish
  • Antenna research laboratory funded by AICTE in AQIS scheme

Analog communication lab with spectrum analyzer

  • To analyse of signals on frequency domain
  • Analyse the spectrum of modulated signals
  • Determine signal levels

Facility to analyse dielectric constant of materials using microwave bench

  • To do Microwave bench-based experiments
  • To analyse Termination properties

Universal Vibration Test Rig

  • To test Simple Pendulum and Compound Pendulum
  • To test Spring mass System with undamped vibrations can also be tested.
  • To test Equivalent Spring Mass System
  • To perform Torsional Vibrations Single Rotor
  • To perform Torsional Vibrations Two Rotor

Facility to perform vibration analysis is predominantly used for the condition monitoring on machineries and their key rotating parts like

  • Bearings, gears, shafts, free wheels
  • Rotating machines such as gearboxes, motors, fans and drive-trains
  • Reciprocate machines such as piston engines, reciprocate compressors, pumps and door mechanisms

Fatigue testing facility

  • A fatigue testing machine helps to determine a material’s ability to withstand cyclic fatigue loading conditions. By design, a material is selected to meet or exceed service loads that are anticipated in fatigue testing applications
  • The purpose of a fatigue test is to determine the lifespan that may be expected from a material subjected to cyclic loading. The fatigue life of a material is the total number of cycles that a material can be subjected to under a single loading scheme. A fatigue test is also used for the determination of the maximum load that a sample can withstand for a specified number of cycles. All of these characteristics are extremely important in any industry where a material is subject to fluctuating instead of constant forces.

Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine

  • The testing equipment is used for the purpose of analyzing the performance of the Diesel engine on various parameters such as Brake power, Indicated power Thermal efficiency, Mechanical efficiency, fuel consumption and air fuel ratio.
  • This Engine can also be utilized to test the alternative fuels such Bio-Diesel by incorporating a separated Fuel tank in which the bio-diesel and Bio Diesel blends can be stored and tested.

Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine

  • The testing equipment is used for the purpose of analyzing the performance of the Petrol engine on various parameters such as Brake power, Indicated power Thermal efficiency, Mechanical efficiency, fuel consumption and air fuel ratio.
  • The specialization this testing engine that it can be utilized to draw the P-θ diagram in which Pressure P is taken on Y axis and Crank angle θ on X axis.

Modelling and analysis software

  • CATIA-Modeling Software which can be used for designing the parts having very complicated and complex shapes.
  • ANSYS-Analysis Software can be used for the structural and and thermal analysis of various mechanical components such Turbine blades, connecting rod, Piston, Nozzle, combustor etc. This can also be used for modeling very simple parts such as beams, columns, struts etc.

High performance computing systems in the CSE laboratories

Nano Technology Research centre

  • Raghu Educational Institutions (REI) support R&D that expands the boundaries of nanotechnology and enhances the intersections of scientific disciplines.
  • Identify and promote nanoscale science and technology research that has led to breakthroughs in science, guided by national goals, and empowered by active involvement with stakeholders.
  • Create quantitative success indicators in accordance with current innovation measurement initiatives.

Robotics Hub

  • To be able to configure a robot to perform a particular task in the target area.
  • Understand how robot simulations operate, where they can be successful, and where they can break down.
  • Appreciate the current state and ability of robotics in new applications.

MAT lab Computation centre

  • Use MATLAB to perform complex arithmetic procedures.
  • Generate and plot signals and complex valued functions.
  • Confidently create MATLAB m-files and save MATLAB session computing data.

Host for Computational Intelligence

  • To allow computers to perform intellectual tasks such as decision-making, problem-solving, perception, comprehension of human communication.
  • Computational Intelligence seeks to discover patterns in the data and then make predictions based on often complex patterns to address business questions, identify and evaluate trends and help solve problems.
  • Computational intelligence in business is not just for the efficient processing of data, but also for the use of ever-increasing quantities obtained by manipulating and analysing it without strong human input.

Centre for Bioinformatics

  • To provide a bio-information network designed to bridge the interdisciplinary gaps in knowledge on biotechnology and to establish a link between scientists in research and development organisations and biotechnological manufacturing activities.
  • To conduct the preparation and publication of surveys, state-of-the-art studies and projections for a variety of branches of industry.
  • To build up information infrastructure, prepare a biotechnological database and develop appropriate tools and techniques for handling information.

Makers lab

  • In order to encourage innovation and practical learning among students, Raghu Educational Institutions have developed the first manufacturing laboratories in the state.
  • The labs have all the equipment, such as 3d printers, laser cutters, PCB printers, etc., to allow a student to get in with an idea and come in with a product.

Centre for Machine vision analysis

  • Machine Vision Analysis focuses on the creation of algorithms and techniques for understanding and interpreting the real world around us.
  • This includes an understanding of the basic concepts of multi-dimensional signal processing, feature extraction, visual geometric modelling analysis of patterns, stochastic optimization, etc.
  • Applications range from biometrics, medical diagnostics, document processing, digital content mining, surveillance, advanced rendering, etc.

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